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Hans Arne Vedlog & Sølvi W. Normannsen  - the photographer & the painter


He:  Experienced and awarded press photographer. She: Journalist and artist. We have both had several solo exhibitions.


Vedlog & Waterloo  join forces, and let photorealism meet vibrant colours & painted structures.


In these works northern coastal landscapes and pristine nature merges with rough brushstrokes & tender, yet powerful lines.  


We explore, we fuse, we mix, we unite eachothers expressions. Details from the different mediums are extracted into separate & transparent layers.


Then we build.  Layer upon layer finally melt & multipy into new dreamscape images and expressions unlike anything you have seen before.


We only allow from 3 to 20 copies to be produced of each work.  Please feel free to contact us.



Norsk Hestesenter as, Starum, Norway

AQS as, Lauvsnes, Norway

St. Olav University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi

Coop Midt-Norge

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